15th Symposium On Cochlear Implants In Children

    Stanford and UCSF will be co-hosting a major national pediatric CI meeting July 26-29, 2017, in San Francisco, and in conjunction with the American Cochlear Implant Alliance. Scientific Program Chairs for this event are SICHL's Nikolas Blevins,

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    Hair cell force generation does not amplify or tune vibrations within the chicken basilar papilla

    Nature Communications recently published a paper by the Oghalai Lab, which gives a new understanding to the mechanisms of the inner ear hair cells of a live chicken. As Dr. Oghalai explains to Tracie White

    Updates from the Ricci Lab

    Below, Anthony Ricci, PhD gives us a detailed overview of the exciting areas of research that his team is currently working on, as well as an update on publications and lab members. By Anthony Ricci, PhD

    New Paper: Two-Dimensional Cochlear Micromechanics Measured In Vivo Demonstrate Radial Tuning within the Mouse Organ of Corti

    A  recent paper, by Dr. Oghalai, was published in The Journal of Neuroscience. In, Two-Dimensional Cochlear Micromechanics Measured In Vivo Demonstrated Radial Turning within the Mouse Organ of Corti, the Oghalai Lab has discovered another part of

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    The best ways to cope with a noisy office

    Rachel Becker reports, for The Verge, on her quest to cancel out distracting office noise in the safest and most effective way. She interviews SICHL's Dr. Oghalai and Anthony Ricci, PhD, on their thoughts on